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Office Space at Secret Spot DTLA

At Secret Spot DTLA we do co-working a little different!

Here when you book your sessions via our Calendly system, you get our entire space all to yourself. You'll never have compete with your fellow co-workers for the printer or the wi-fi or, worrying about the space being "too busy" to bring your clients or get your work done. 

In our pre-furnished, smart work environment we provide everything you need to leave your home office and work with us! Choose to drop-in or schedule your meetings ahead of time. Our keyless smart entry system makes it easy for you to come and go as you need as well as up-level your Zoom, streaming or conference call game with pro-level audio and an easy, high-definition camera & lighting set-up. 

Our facility offers seating accommodation for up to 10 guests including a conference table that can be folded out as needed.

Book a tour of our facilities today to see if we're the right fit for you! 

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