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Recording & Rehearsal Space

Rehearsal Space at Secret Spot DTLA

At Secret Spot DTLA we make it easy for you to schedule and have great rehearsals! 

When you book your rehearsal sessions via our Calendly system, you get access to all of our creative tools including Neumann, Shure, and many other microphones as well as 8 mic/line inputs.   

In our pre-furnished, smart work environment we provide everything you need to just come-in, rehearse, lock-up and your done!  Our keyless smart entry system makes it easy for you to book online & come and go as you need. Our community events give you the opportunity to play local venues and connect with like-minded musicians, producers, actors and other creatives.

Unfortunately, our facility isn't currently suited for drummers. Bands with a small drum kit, electronic kit, or a cajón will be considered. Sessions with drums booked Monday-Friday must be scheduled after 5pm.** 

Book a tour of our facilities today to see if we're the right fit for you or your group! 

Book A Recording Session

Ready to record your next song with one of our top-of-the-line engineers or producers?

Secret Spot DTLA has you covered; non-members can 
book a 3 or 5-hour recording or production session using our "book now" page or using the links below.

We have Waves plug-ins, Antares Auto-Tune, Ozone Mastering, plus VST's including Arcade, Serum, Artuia key lab, Addictive Keys, and more! 

Our hybrid digital/analog set-up delivers a classic vintage sound using Neumann, Shure, AKG, and Avatone microphones to get you the cleanest audio possible.

Our always ready, plug & play, hybrid setup emulates the neve 1073 pre-amp via our Golden Age preamp, our TK76 gives you clean FET compression from our 1176 clone but if you're still looking for more of that classic warmth? Run your vocals through a pair of 12AX7 tubes inside our ART MPA II giving you that warm classic analog sound you've been chasing! 

Whether you need beats or instrumentals made we're here for you; book a studio session today to record you next single or EP. 

We have some of the most affordable prices in downtown Los Angeles; non-member prices start at $115 for 3 hours or $185 for 5 hours book today! 


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